Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer Update

So.... What's been going on?

Other than a work conference in Dallas and a quick trip to Abilene, summer has consisted of a lot of lazy days here in Marshall.

I've been keeping Henry and Jackson while Caroline is at camp. This weekend they will trade out and she will come home and Jacks will go. Hopefully I won't have to work so hard to get someone to go to the pool with me when my girl gets back.

So I mentioned my conference in Dallas. This was my view and the whole week consisted of a lot of talk about teaching kids to read, cold conference rooms and some room service.
After a quick day in Abilene I rushed home because I was scheduled to be Minnie Mouse at Daisy's 2nd birthday party.
I think the picture says it all. It was a precious little party!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Thoughts from a Water Park

Yay Summer!!

My summer started off in a rush as school ended and I headed to South Texas with Mom and Lydia. We've made a habit of sister/mom trips the past few years and they really are great fun.

We hung out around the river walk, did some shopping, ate goooood food but the biggest part of the trip was going to Schlitterbahn. We love water parks!

Mom and Lydia are big slide riders. I am too typically but on this trip I loved the tube river rides and laying out by the pools, because I'm the ultimate people watcher. Laying by the pool was where the thought for this post came about.

Here are a few random thoughts and questions from my lounge chair at Schlitterbahn:

Where is that mans wife and does she know he is wearing those goggles?

Roasted corn? Yes please.

Does the lady standing in the wading pool watching her kids play realize she's getting a little carried away with the dancing to Single Ladies?

That man does not need that turkey leg or ice cream cone!

More stairs?!

Hey! There's that guy again and his wife.... and he's still wearing the goggles!

And lastly, one more vacation observation that actually occurred at The Alamo:

Does the leash you have on your child really do any good when he's running so fast from you that you can't catch it?

Happy Vacationing!

PS: If you look to the right you will see a new widget that is the link to my "community." If you have no idea what Blog Frog is you should check it out. Tons of links to great blogs and discussions. If you're here because you came across me on Blog Frog, I'm glad you clicked over and hope you come back!

PPS: My in real life friend and blog friend Christina is probably the most educated person I know when it comes to food and she started a new blog just for that! Here is the link. I checked it out today and I know she'll have some great things on there!