Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bullet Updates

I have so much to update that this is the quickest way. I'm afraid if I tried to write it out you wouldn't stick with me until the end.

*We're almost through the 3rd week of school. My class is darling! They keep me smiling and laughing most of the time and make me want to teach them and be with them. I couldn't say that a lot of times last year. I can already see with the changes I made from last year plus having a group that works a little better together that they are going to learn so much an do so well.

*My sister left for college (LA Tech) last Friday. Mom and Dad took her and got her set up. I hated to miss the day but could not leave my class so soon into the year. I went on Monday and saw her room and she showed me around campus and town. It was all very nice and she seemed to be doing really well. She is doing rush this week and has a few sororities she's interested in and classes start tomorrow.

*Chelsea and I have a new roommate. Aaron moved on to a new career venture and it made sense for him to be in the Longview/Tyler area. Mom mentioned to some friends at Elysian Fields that we had a room and they put the new ag teacher, Jessica, in touch with us. She came and checked out our room, liked it, we liked her and she moved in. We haven't gotten to spend a lot of time together yet but I'm very thankful to have her. Chelsea will be traveling most of the fall and I do not like staying alone so the Lord sent Jessica to us.

*This weekend my 1st grade team will be going to Ft. Worth for the bachelorette party of one of our teammates. It's been such a strange week after being out on Monday! We've had to squeeze everything into four days and are leaving as soon as the last kid walks out Friday afternoon so we won't have the usual after school work time. I loved my three day weekend and can't wait for our trip but will also be glad to start next Monday back in the routine we started last week.

*I am amazed at how well I feel after my surgery. I am back to 100% after recovery. Before the surgery I had several symptoms from the cysts and fibroid that weren't fun but that I was living with. It's nice for those to be resolved.

*That's all for now! Will hopefully have some pics soon!