Thursday, July 31, 2008

the rest of summer

As I started the transition into a new planner last night I realized that summer is slowly winding down. The Roth's are all out of town this week so I've had a slow paced week with only 3 kids instead of the normal 5. Yesterday we stayed in our pajamas and watched tv until about 3:00 when it was time to go to gymnastics and tomorrow we're planning on just playing around at the pool.

Next week I'll officially be 21! (Wed the 6th) Its funny because for years I've planned the night of my 21st birthday- tons of friends, dinner, the boats at midnight, huge plans!- well the last few weeks its hit me that my birthday is on a Wednesday meaning me and all of my friends will be working. Guess thats the down side to becoming an adult! My parents are throwing me a really nice party on the Saturday after my birthday with most of the people (and kids!) that are most important to me. I'm really looking forward to having everybody over to eat, swim and hang out.

So what else is planned for the rest of the summer? Well next Friday the whole crew (Caroline, Cate, Maggie, Henry and me!) are loading up and heading to that Splash Kingdom water park in Canton. I've never been there but the pics online look really nice and they seem to have a lot of kid friendly slides. Yesterday I showed the girls the website and Cate looked dreamily at the computer and said "if only we could go somewhere like that..." it was precious. I'm excited! The week after that my sister and I are escaping to Galveston for a few days as my 16th birthday present to her and in celebration of my 21st. The hotel has a really nice pool so I plan to do a lot of relaxing, shopping, eating, etc. We're staying two nights, definitely not long enough but must return to the real world and get ready to head back to school.

Hope this finds everyone well!

Friday, July 11, 2008

flying by

Reality hit this morning when I looked over my schedule for the next few weeks and noticed how fast summer is passing away. It seems like yesterday it seemed school would never end and now its creeping back up again. After feeding the Roth kids breakfast, helping the ac repair guy find the breaker box and watching our regular morning disney channel favs we suited up and headed out to the pool. While relaxing in the sun I was reminded of that unique feeling you can only find in summer time. Theres nothing quite like the smell of chlorine, a cold drink, the thrill of a water slide, the splashing and giggles of friends and the warmth you feel for the rest of the day when you've stayed out a little too long. After an ice cream bar from the pro shop we headed home for a much needed rest (and second visit from our ac repair friend.) There's a lot summer still has in store, time with friends, vacations, and more Friday pool trips, but the day will come when it will all come to an end. The best part is knowing that unique summer spirit will come back next year. Its fun to think about how different certain things will be and the uncertainty of whats to come. This time next year all the kids that still seem like babies to me will be so grown up, my sister will be getting ready to graduate, and best of all I will be a college grad leaving behind ETBU and Trinity and getting ready to be a first year teacher. That will all be amazing and will come in its time but this summer is going way too fast for me to dwell on that stuff now!