Friday, April 23, 2010

Letter to Ronel

For several months now I've been reading the blog of an amazing family, the Parkers, from Houston. They have 3 children of their own and had been in the process of adopting from Haiti when the earthquake hit. Their adoption was rushed and they were able to bring their son Ronel home. I read the blogs of others in the same situation and love to see how they have adapted their lives to love these little boys and girls who even though look different from them, are absolutely beautiful. I haven't watched The Blind Side yet because I know it will make me want to tell Aaron and Chelsea to bring every lonely teenager at Marshall HS home to spend the night, so you can imagine these little Hatian babies totally steal my heart!

I wanted to share this link to one of the best blog posts I've ever read. If you have a heart for adoption or kids for that matter, you have to read this! Such beautiful words.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, April 19, 2010

East Texas Easter

I was so excited the week of Easter when I realized that the weather would be so nice and that it might actually feel like Easter!

I'm a little old fashioned and think that on Easter Sunday we should wear our Spring dresses and sandals. I know that what you wear to church isn't the important thing but it's a definite sign of the times to look around and see tee shirts and jeans at Easter Sunday morning church.
Dad's clothes looked nice. I can't say the same for his expressions!

When I was young I remember Easter at my grandparents, my mom's parents, on Sunday afternoon. We would eat lunch and hunt eggs with our cousins. With the passing of grandparents and few cousins who live around here things have changed some but we were able to have a great time with my dad's side of our family. I so regret not getting a group picture! When there's a little one around it's hard for them to not be the center of attention. Of course Daisy had to hunt eggs!

I love the sequence of the next few shots

It was the perfect evening to sit outside and visit. While we were out, Dad pulled out his fire department gear. Before long this is what went down. We laughed so hard! Poor baby was not feeling it!

Happy Spring!!

Would you Like Some Wine With that Chili?

Well since this is my journal and chronicle of my life, just because I'm behind on posting doesn't mean that the things I want to post about will be forgotten. I have a few posts planned out in my head and hopefully will get them all done this week and be caught up.

A few weekends ago my friend Lauren (see previous post!) and her boyfriend and dad entered a chili cook off at the winery in Harleton, Enoch's Stomp. I didn't have any plans and it was a beautiful day so Chelsea and I decided to head out there and give their chili our votes.

I had heard of the winery before but had never been. I was so glad we went! It was so nice!

You could see forever, which is uncommon around here. I always feel so surrounded by trees that I think the view was my favorite part.

The band

The winning chili cooks and helpers!

We ate chili, drank wine, and walked around and visited. It was such a great afternoon! If you ever need a little Saturday get away, check out the wineries website here for their lunch menu and event schedule.