Thursday, October 21, 2010

Loooong Week

It has been the longest week! It may have something to do with the fact that most of the day Tuesday I thought it was Wednesday and then on Wednesday it really was so I basically had two Wednesdays if that makes sense. I was out of my room testing today and stayed busy all day making sure I finished so today went by quicker and tomorrow is Friday and I always find plenty for us to do on Fridays. A few times a year my grandmas sisters and their daughters, daughters in law, grand daughters, etc. get together for a weekend and that is this weekend. My cousin Shelby and I are just going for the day Saturday and I think we're going to this craft fair. I remember going with my mom and aunts and grandma to something similar, it was called Connie Hines, when I was very young but I haven't been in a very long time, unless you count Canton and you know I've been there plenty. Anyway, I thought I would just share some pics from my phone that I've taken lately (ignore the quality.) Have a good weekend!

A few fun things in my house right now-

My sweet across the hall friend Lauren married our PE coach a few weeks ago. They are loving married life and the wedding was beautiful! This is the picture I took to show my kids the Monday after the wedding. They thought it was way cool they were married!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window... ~dark and quiet sidewalks are wet from a sprinkler left on too long this evening in an attempt to save the herbs in our front bed from this drought

I am thinking... ~about a parent of a student I talked with tonight. Her situation makes me sad but her spirits are high. Lord please bless these sweet single mamas.

I am thankful for... ~God's faithfulness. I often wonder where this stage of my life will lead me but he will be faithful always.

I am wearing... ~plain blue Old Navy tee with a cami underneath, jeans, and Sperrys

In the learning room... ~things are ready for us to hit it tomorrow

I am remembering... ~friends from college I haven't seen in too long and fun times we've had together. It's been fun to talk over the last day or so as one of our own had the first baby of our little group

I am going... ~to shower and get in bed just in time to turn on the news and hopefully be out before the weather comes on

I am currently reading... ~Hostess With the Mostess
and other fun entertaining and decorating pages in preparation for a little Halloween party

I am hoping... ~for rain to wet our dry ground

On my mind... ~my sweet friend Kristen who had a tiny babe named Reid this morning. I have no words to describe how happy I am for her and Mark

Noticing that... ~ I'm not a morning person and my parents are right when they say my tone can be harsh and hurtful at times.

Pondering these words... ~none at the moment!

From the kitchen... ~take out chinese. It's been a low week for me in the kitchen. I've felt very crafty as far as decorating my home but not very creative with creating meals. Will start fresh Monday

Around the house... ~things are decently tidy. Knowing the landlord was stopping in for something today was my motivation to put things in their place this morning.

One of my favorite things ~is waking up to a cool room and staying under the covers dozing until time to get up

From my camera...~
Baby Reid!

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