Friday, February 20, 2009

Weekend Update

I'm babysitting the Roth kids tonight and while we're watching the Nickelodeon Original Movie Spectacular I thought I would update quickly.

Student teaching is glorious. The kids are great and my love for teaching is back. I leave this school and start in 5th grade on Wednesday. I'm excited for yet another change considering theres been a lot of that already on this little journey.

I had company in the cottage three nights in a row this week. Monday night Cort was over and we watched Nights in Rodanthe. I haven't finished it. I was disappointed. If you've seen it you can probably guess which part I'm talking about. Cort was less than interested and when Chelsea came by I turned it off. Tuesday night we had a very small high school reunion. Nello was in town and he and Jessica came over. We had a few drinks and caught up. I stayed up too late but it was worth it. Finally on Wednesday night Kristen and Traci came over after class for dinner. We had Hamburger Helper, corn and ice cream and talked for a few hours about life and things. I love them and such fun can not be described. Kristen and Mark are on a huge new life journey and I couldn't be happier for them and of course we had to hear all about it.

After entertaining all week, last night I worked on my Marshall ISD online job application, ate Chinese food and got in bed early. I'm working on the last disc of Big Love so after an episode of that I was down for the count and was asleep by about 9:30.

Marshall schools were released at noon today but since my teacher loves me dearly and I taught all morning so she could put grades in the computer, I got to leave at 11:00. I took a few hours off before I went to take my practice 4th-8th grade reading certification test. I took it in the workroom of the education office and found it nearly impossible to focus with all the buzz going on around the office. Not to mention that it was beautiful outside today and I knew that my friends were all doing much more fun things than me. Needless to say I'm not sure how well I did but like I said it is only practice. I hopefully I pulled off a 75 and can take the real thing and be done. Chelsea mentioned a little run to J Tree tonight and after the afternoon I've had I totally can't wait.

Tomorrow is Mardi Gras in Jefferson. It will be fun to spend the afternoon with friends. Mardi Gras is one of my favorite seasons.

Sunday will probably be a regular Sunday at Mom and Dad's house- church, rest, food and laundry.

Overall life is happy and things are well. My house is clean and a great weekend is upon us!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hannah Montana's Cousin?

So I've noticed that my last two posts were pretty much depressing. I want to take this opportunity to announce that things are looking very up. Like I've said before, I can't go into details but lets just say that I'm in the best school and with the best group of teachers. I'm happy to be there and they're happy to have me. What could make for a better working environment? I'm in first grade now instead of Head Start and the kids personalities are so much more developed and fun.

One little girl has really caught my eye. Her name is Emily and I worked with her one on one for a while the very first morning I was there. The teacher had me helping here take a reading test and she decided very early on that she was going to take advantage of my help and pretend that she didn't know anything. I didn't fall for it and made her read the questions and answer choices and only helped when she was truly struggling. After she read several questions correctly you could tell her confidence was soaring and she looked up at me with the sweetest snaggle toothed grin and said in this little Hispanic accent, "I can be da teachewr now!" I melted right there.

Today the kids lined up to go to the car riders line and I heard giggles from the middle of the line and looked to see Emily in a group of kids. One announced that Emily had said that she was Hannah Montana's cousin. Emily, smiling brightly, kept saying "I pwomise she is!" Miguel, who I had never heard speak said boldly from the front of the line, "Well I guess that Spider Man must be my cousin then."

They're great! More fun stories to come!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Long Lost Friends

I know it's been a while. There are several reasons but the most vital excuse is the lack of internet in my bed. Since I've started the blog that has been my primary creative location. I come to the big house and get online daily but never seem to be in a blogging kind of mood at the time. Not to mention that life has been so crazy and a little tough for me lately that it seems too overwhelming to write about and I never feel like reliving it all over again to share. So this is an overall update.

Student teaching has been iffy. It's not very professional of me to share a lot on here but we'll just say that prayers are appreciated. I know I'll make it. When times get hard, after I pray for strength, I always take a little mental checkout and daydream about my Jamaica and Alabama beach vacations that await me when this is all over. It gets me through the day.

The house is still good. The independence is great. I'm kind of a home body so I have definitely gotten lonely at times and am glad to go to my parents house on the weekends but overall I love my own bathroom and being able to make however big of a mess I want whenever I want and leave it there for however long I want. I even find joy in cleaning it up and relaxing when my house, although very small, is very clean.

Marcy is so generous to open her house to me so often to use the internet and visit. She's provided many home cooked meals and always a listening ear. Her kids are precious and I'm loving all the time with them. Caroline and Henry decided on Saturday night that they would spend the night. With jammies on and everyone ready for bed we ventured across the driveway out to the back house. Mom had given strict instructions that we were to watch one Disney channel show and go straight to bed so that everyone would be rested for church. We enjoyed our show together and when it went off I turned off the tv. Henry decided that he wanted to sleep in the bed with me which would put Caroline on the couch. With this arrangement in place, sis decided that she was much too tired for couch sleeping and needed the comfort of her own bed for a good nights sleep. Of course Henry decided that he would go home too so we all bundled back up, put on our shoes and headed home. We had just experienced the shortest sleepover ever. Oh well. We'll try again.

Even though my posts are few and far between, I am keeping up with all of yours. Trust me, I have definitely felt the effects of a blogless lifestyle and hope to be back on the wagon soon.