Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Blah Blah Blog

I've done it again. Gone forever without blogging. Even being encouraged by seeing that people are actually coming to my page doesn't seem to really motivate me. I know it's the lack of internet access in my house that is the problem but I do get online enough at other places to get in a post more often than I do.

One occasion that I would have posted had I had access would have been at 1:30 this morning when I lay awake. On and off over the past week I have had a terrible cough. It will hit me and will last for hours. I take my Wal Mart brand medicine and usually go to sleep and wake up and it's gone. Yesterday evening it was awful. I had to go to the grocery so while I was there I grabbed some Nyquil thinking the syrup might work better. I got home and took it and went to sleep. The last time I took Nyquil I was a zombie the next day so I really expected to sleep though the night and sleep in this morning. No such luck. I guess in the beauty of woman hood and my ever changing body, my bladder doesn't out last antihistamine anymore and at 1:30 I was up. I ended up watching tv for a while and going back to sleep eventually.

Today was my first day off of student teaching. I twittered last night that I am in student teacher detox. I'm so excited to be done and excited to graduate but keep thinking of my class and even at times planning things for them in my mind. I take my last final of my under grad college career tomorrow. The good thing about it is that after I've spent all this time in school an all essay open book test on assessing the needs of students doesn't really require a lot of studying on my part so I won't have to be hitting the books tonight.

It's so nice to be finishing a semester and not have to be moving. I've outgrown the closet in the cottage and have started moving some stuff into storage upstairs. I loved that big closet when I moved in but I've become like an aquarium fish and have grown to fit my surroundings.

I'm oh so thrilled for Saturday! Not only do I graduate but I'll have all of my friends and family and people I care about most in one place for the party Saturday night. My parents are amazing to do all of this. It will be a big time.

This has been a crazy random post but that's the way my life is these days. Crazy, yes, but I've terribly happy!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Breeze

I lost sleep last night over what I suspected would be the craziest day of the semester. The nasty cold I've been plagued with didn't help either. I had a major expensive certification test at the college across town at 8:30 and an real life job interview at 1:00. Since I am indeed human one major event in a single day wears me down but add another, a job interview none the less, and I'm done for.

I would love to share all the excitement in detail but just got a call to meet Chelsea for Bodacious so I'll keep it brief.

My test was great. It was on the computer and I finished in half the time I usually take on cert tests. I'll never take another paper test for certification. Oh and how do I think I did? I don't want to sound over confident but there weren't many I didn't know.

Ok now this is the tricky one. As some of you know I interviewed for a job in Marshall and since the formalities aren't really complete I'm not going to post the details but I'll just say it was a great meeting.

Why did I loose sleep again? This day turned out to be a breeze!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This Might be Interesting

Hello All! Yes I am posting at 10:00 AM and no I'm not in school. I am off today in preparation of a certification test I take tomorrow. I've gotten a lot done this morning. Sadly studying for the test isn't on the list. I've taken two tests already and haven't studied but just a tad for each of them so I'm thinking I'll keep my streak alive. I've passed them both so I'm confident in this decision.

I've heard several two shocking things over the past few days which started to make me feel... humm how do I say it? Political maybe? I've noticed since I put my traffic counter up that more people are reading than I thought so maybe I can get some feedback with this one.

You know I love Slumdog Millionaire and you might have also seen the news story over the past few days concerning Rubina Ali's father attempting to sell her for $200,000. How sick and absurd! Apparently the dad hasn't seen any money from his daughters fame and performance and is trying to cash in on his share. Rubina still lives in the slums with her family and a trust fund has been created for her and the other children in the film for when they are older. Thinking on the flip side of the issue, one might say that it was wrong to involve these families from the slums who have never had anything in the global mania that is Slumdog Millionaire. I see their point. Hummm something to think about.

Weeks ago Dad mentioned to me that he saw on a message board where some guys were discussing a new song by Pat Green and were highly offended. I didn't know what he was talking about until this morning when I was driving and it came on the radio. I could get on google and find the lyrics I'm sure but I'll just say it goes something like I want to be a country star, I'm tired of playing these gigs that don't pay, I'm buying a ticket to Nashville blah blah blah. I was totally upset by this as who were the ones buying tickets and driving all over the state to support him in those gigs that didn't pay anything? Us. Me, my family and my friends. Would he be where he is today able to buy his ticket to Nashville without the fans like us that got him started back when he was singing Take Me Out to the Dancehall at the Athens rodeo and Louisiana State Fair? Absolutely not. See ya Pat. Best of luck from East Texas.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lovin It

It's a dreary weekend here in East Texas but I really don't have any complaints as I have nowhere to be and my only responsibility is to entertain and supervise children as they come and go from outings. We're just relaxin.

Last night Matt played at OS for the first time in a while. As he was playing, Chelsea and I sat together and sang along and discussed how just a mere two years ago he played outside, it was the perfect night and there was probably twice as many people there, all of which were our classmates and it was one of the best nights of our college years. Last night's crowd was not near as big and was a totally different group of folks. Crazy carefree college friends have given way fellow teachers who's nights typically don't go as late as they would have in years previous because we're in the real world now and things are different. Chelsea and I definitely didn't let our long week interfere with letting our hair down and bit though. As the weeks of college are becoming few, we're all about soaking it all in and we had a great time. It was a lovely night in downtown Marshall.

As I mentioned, today I'm just keeping the kids. Marcy and Jennifer took all kids except Jackson and Walt to the movies. Walt has played choo choo's and is now resting. He's talking so much. I called him down from upstairs earlier and after a few times of calling his name with no response I hear in a very frustrated voice, "MeeMee I tomin!" It was precious! The other kids will join as later as the mamas have other obligations and I'm sure there will be a lot more laying around watching it rain.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Eggless Easter

Easter is upon us and the Thomas household is currently egg-less. It all began this afternoon as we were busy in the kitchen....

I started potatoes for potato salad, fresh green beans for tomorrows lunch and put eggs on to boil for the potato salad and to dye this evening. After taking those dozen or so out of the very large container of eggs in the refrigerator, Mom took the remaining raw eggs that were intended for tomorrow's breakfast and in order to free up space on the shelf, placed them into a smaller Tupperware container and placed them in the egg section on the door of the fridge.

Nobody thought much about this and the door was opened and closed many times as we finished preparing dinner, cleaned up, and got everything together to dye eggs. As the dying was winding up and Dad was carrying our creations to the fridge, he opened the door with apparently more force than we previously had, and the container of eggs that had rested at the top of the door came crashing onto the floor.

Now, you must know that an ongoing conversation amongst our family over the fast several weeks has been my dad's inability to control his use of inappropriate language in times of stress. As he's been almost single handily building a covered patio by our pool, said colorful language has been part of the past several weekends. It's just the way he does things and we love him for it.

So as we're all gathered in the kitchen, Mom is doing dishes and Lydia and I had just bit into a cup cake, the egg's came crashing down in true Humpty Dumpty style and of course Dad's reaction was less than fitting for such child friendly rhymes.

"Who the h*** put the d*** eggs in a d*** plastic bowl?" "D***it Lisa!" The three of us could not contain our laughter as the eggs lay at Dad's feet and he tried to keep the dog from getting in the middle of it. "I understand if one of the kids had done that but shouldn't you know? Why don't you just put a d*** sign on the door that says caution eggs in little bowl barely balancing on shelf?" Dad is also laughing at this point and I run to the bathroom as my extended laughing and large class of tea overtook me.

The next several minutes was filled with the kind of laughing that almost hurts all over, takes your breath away and makes it impossible to accomplish anything until it's passed. In the hour or so since we've discussed what to do for breakfast. Mom suggested we go to the sunrise service because they are serving a continental breakfast afterwards. Dad declined as he feared the greeting when we arrived might go something like this:
"Welcome Thomas family. We're so glad you joined us this morning."
"Yeah we had to because we don't have any d*** eggs."

All that said, I do want to say how much I love Easter. I love to sing Up From the Grave, spend time with my family and celebrate how great the love of Christ is that he would die for us and most importantly that he rose and LIVES today. How awesome! Happy Easter!

Monday, April 6, 2009

I've Missed You!

Woah is this blog looking pitiful! The end of student teaching is in sight and has kept me busy this past week. Not just the teaching part but trying to get a lot of friend time in as well. Chelsea cooked one night and I went out with Kristen and Traci one night too. We sat on the patio at JalapeƱo Tree and it was quite lovely. Thursday is usually a pretty big night for us around here as we consider it the beginning of the weekend even though we still have to trudge through Friday at school. We watched Slum dog Millionaire at Matt's and loved it!

Lydia had prom this weekend so Friday night and Saturday was filled with preparations for the big event. I don't have any pics on my computer but she was stunning. Other than the events surrounding that the weekend was pretty dull. Finished a book and napped some.

This evening I took the prom dress to Longview to be sold through a boutique Mom had made arrangements with. That took a whole two minutes so I stopped by the Knowledge Knook while I was in town. I had a $20 gift card and was able to get 2 packs of borders and some other bulletin board goodies. I got it all for about $0.43. Yay!

Jackson had a baseball game tonight and since the wind and cool was too much for Caroline and I we stayed home and watched Dancing with the Stars and got her down for bed. Their daddy brought Henry home shortly after and he and I read Horton on the couch together before I tucked him in as well. I love reading that book to him! When I get to the a person's a person part I pause and he says "no matter how small!" As I was laying him down he reminded me of a funny picture we saw in a random book last summer. As far as I know that picture has not been discussed since that day and I have not seen the book. I have no idea what brought it up but he does have a massive memory and imagination.

I have this week, next week and a few days of the next before student teaching is done! I can't believe it. My parents along with Chelsea's are in party planning mode and it's going to be a weekend full of celebration. I can't wait! It's hard to believe it's here.