Saturday, August 30, 2008

I made it!

I have successfully made it through my first week of school. Went to all of my classes, my internship, work and babysat at night all without losing my mind. I will admit that talk of working on "the unit" (the two weeks worth of lessons I have to write) makes me want a glass of wine, a cheeseburger or a new pair of shoes. Once things get rolling on that though I think the anxiety will decrease some. I hate the uncertainty of the unknown. To top off my week, last night I accompanied Lacy to Shreveport in order to meet up with a few guys she had met at the club a few weeks ago. Our short encounter with our mystery men was so crazy it isn't worth of the time it would take me to type the details. Lets just say it involved McDonalds, an umbrella, ex girlfriend shady bar, and one id between the two of us. Needless to say we conveniently lost our suiters in I49 traffic and crossed the state line asap. We soon found ourselves in the comfort of OS alongside a lot of MHS class of 98 reunion goers. After only being mistaken as being a former classmate a few times we headed out and made it an early night. As Lacy said, "all we can do is laugh." I couldn't have said it better. This morning I decided that I was in desperate need of a new pair of black dress pants. Mine have those little balls on them that the best lent brush made won't even touch. My sis and I headed to Longview and spent the day basking in our favorite past times- shopping and eating! I spent the whole drive home not believing that after seeing how scrawny my pay check was yesterday that I could have possibly bought that pair of brown strappy sandals. As my sister would say "we really need help when it comes to this shopping habit." I would have to agree. Tonights plans- EF football game. Why I drag myself year after year to watch kids I barely know play football, I'll never know. I guess that Jacket spirit never dies!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shoes That Love You

The animal print top looks like I'm going to the club. The dark denim pants are too causal, too much like jeans. I have no clothes. How about that teal blue shirt with black pants? High cut so no boobage, long enough to eliminate whatever might show from other places. Black pants are always a good move. What shoes? I love my black heels but they hurt so bad after a while. I'm such a baby about heels. I should just suck it up. Heels are loud on school floors. Definitely wearing my Hallmark Store shoes.

Above was just a small insight into the conversation that took place in our room moments ago as Chelsea and I picked out my outfit for my first day of intern teaching. I figured I would get off to a good start with my advanced blogging and post a quick link. Now you're probably asking what in the world are Hallmark Store shoes? These are my precious new investment that I purchased for the pure sake of comfort and because as previously mentioned I'm a baby when it comes to heels. The shoes are actually from a company called oka bee and according to the website they have been featured in OK!, Oprah, Vogue and Health mags. Above is my personal pair. Check them out!

My Last First Day

Well its come and gone. My last first day of school (as a student anyway.) My packed days have returned- actually getting ready with hair fixed, class, work, exhaustion, etc. What keeps me going? The thought that in a matter of a few short months it will all be over and of course my amazing friends, roommates, and fellow soon to be teachers (the occasional glass of wine doesn't hurt either.) In remembrance of summer I have selected my favorite pics and posted them below.
Henry and Maggie in the midst of some sort of dress up venture. This is the picture of two true best friends who at the sweet age of 4 love each other beyond words

Sweet Walt. I love to walk into his room to get him out of bed and be greeted by this smile that shines all over.

Our family was blessed with 2 new additions-
My moms baby brother (older than me by 6 years) and his wife Melissa had baby Tessa (seen top with her mama) in May. In her few short months of life she has proven to be quite the drama queen and displays an attitude that quickly identifies her with her fathers side of the family.
Next my cousin and best childhood friend Shelby and Dale had their sweet baby Daisy(pictured above) in June. She looks just like her mom and is an absolute doll!

My parents threw me the sweetest birthday party complete with great friends and food. Above, Savannah intently watches the candles being lit in order to get a jump on the other kids to blow them out. This photo was taken just moments before she conveniently raked a finger through the icing on the side.

Absent pictures- Galveston trip, Splash Kingdom and other various trips and gatherings. Maybe later. This post has taken me all day on and off to complete.
Upcoming plans- bed for now, first day of all day interning tomorrow, meeting and babysit tomorrow night, visit from baby Tessa and family from Abilene this weekend, school, work, school, work, Kyle Bennett Band and ETBU next week (such an improvement in the entertainment factor of Marshall college life), more school and work. With inspiration from looking at Cari Johnson's blog I also hope to become more dedicated to this outlet of expression.

Monday, August 18, 2008

What a great last few weeks its been! I'm a whole year older and in one week will start my senior year of college. I can't believe how fast everything moves. I had a great birthday! It started out with my birthday doughnut from Caroline (no candles just a match stuck in the top!) That night I went to dinner and Sams Town with Jamie, Lacy, and Shelby. It was so great to catch up and laugh so much. I hate that it takes a special occasion for us to make time to get together. Jamie had been practicing her black jack skills and played for the first time and really did good. I won $85 on a quarter machine much to the jealousy of my cousin. Beginners luck I guess. Needless to say I didn't come home with all of that. The next Saturday my parents threw me the sweetest party. There was food, kids, and friends everywhere. We stayed up late swimming and visiting. I think a good time was had by all. Last Tuesday Lydia and I packed up and headed to Galveston. That night we went out to eat, walked on the beach, and watched the Olympics at the bar at Rainforest Cafe. I think the cookies and cream shake Ly ordered was the highlight of her trip. Wednesday we woke up to terribly wet day that put a damper on our downtown shopping plans. To try to wait out the rain we decided to take a tour of historic Bishops Palace. I was so surprised I got Ly to take part in such an activity considering turn of the century home tours isn't quite what a 16 year old thinks about on a beach vaca. The upstairs part of the tour was the best as the rain was pouring down outside along with the crashing thunder and creaky floors of the old house. Not to mention our guide was an older lady with a somewhat ghostly voice and appearance. The look on Ly's face was priceless! We left the house and made a run for the car as a were pounded by the heaviest rain of the day. We drove around downtown hoping to stumble on another indoor activity only to find the little streets were becoming completely flooded. After driving a few blocks I spotted a parking lot that appeared to be on higher ground and pulled in although I now realize that I probably could have made it back to the sea wall. After a little wait and a few calls to mom the rain let up and we decided to brave the drive back to the hotel which we made with no problem. After lunch the rain stopped and the sun came out and it became a beautiful day for a trip to Schliterbahn. After our afternoon of slides we took a small detour at the beach before getting dressed and heading out for a nice dinner. After the days activities we decided against Olympics at the bar and watched them from the comfort of our beds. We headed home Thursday all beached out.
I am currently enjoying my last day with my sweet summer kids. As of Wednesday everybody (including me!) will be back at Trinity and baby Walt will be getting ready to start "big boy school" aka Mothers Day Out. Updates on the first days of school coming soon! (Pics too!)