Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shoes That Love You

The animal print top looks like I'm going to the club. The dark denim pants are too causal, too much like jeans. I have no clothes. How about that teal blue shirt with black pants? High cut so no boobage, long enough to eliminate whatever might show from other places. Black pants are always a good move. What shoes? I love my black heels but they hurt so bad after a while. I'm such a baby about heels. I should just suck it up. Heels are loud on school floors. Definitely wearing my Hallmark Store shoes.

Above was just a small insight into the conversation that took place in our room moments ago as Chelsea and I picked out my outfit for my first day of intern teaching. I figured I would get off to a good start with my advanced blogging and post a quick link. Now you're probably asking what in the world are Hallmark Store shoes? These are my precious new investment that I purchased for the pure sake of comfort and because as previously mentioned I'm a baby when it comes to heels. The shoes are actually from a company called oka bee and according to the website they have been featured in OK!, Oprah, Vogue and Health mags. Above is my personal pair. Check them out!