Saturday, August 30, 2008

I made it!

I have successfully made it through my first week of school. Went to all of my classes, my internship, work and babysat at night all without losing my mind. I will admit that talk of working on "the unit" (the two weeks worth of lessons I have to write) makes me want a glass of wine, a cheeseburger or a new pair of shoes. Once things get rolling on that though I think the anxiety will decrease some. I hate the uncertainty of the unknown. To top off my week, last night I accompanied Lacy to Shreveport in order to meet up with a few guys she had met at the club a few weeks ago. Our short encounter with our mystery men was so crazy it isn't worth of the time it would take me to type the details. Lets just say it involved McDonalds, an umbrella, ex girlfriend shady bar, and one id between the two of us. Needless to say we conveniently lost our suiters in I49 traffic and crossed the state line asap. We soon found ourselves in the comfort of OS alongside a lot of MHS class of 98 reunion goers. After only being mistaken as being a former classmate a few times we headed out and made it an early night. As Lacy said, "all we can do is laugh." I couldn't have said it better. This morning I decided that I was in desperate need of a new pair of black dress pants. Mine have those little balls on them that the best lent brush made won't even touch. My sis and I headed to Longview and spent the day basking in our favorite past times- shopping and eating! I spent the whole drive home not believing that after seeing how scrawny my pay check was yesterday that I could have possibly bought that pair of brown strappy sandals. As my sister would say "we really need help when it comes to this shopping habit." I would have to agree. Tonights plans- EF football game. Why I drag myself year after year to watch kids I barely know play football, I'll never know. I guess that Jacket spirit never dies!


Christina said...

I "stress shopped" in college too! Every week after my organic chemistry lab I would go shopping to decompress. That was an expensive class! Now I just run. There are some days though,I think I might have to run all the way out to your Momma's house to decompress!