Saturday, May 30, 2009

We can go to the tropics...

If you need me between now and next Saturday I'll be in Jamaica.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pomp and Circumstance

As we sat in the sanctuary at Trinity this morning I was overcome by the complete cuteness of the 4 year old class as they graduated from preschool. I was so proud because I have had most of them in my afternoon class at some time or another but there are those few who I've kept at home, fed, read to, snuggled with and tucked into bed. They are so grown up. So fun and creative.

As their teachers called their names individually they each walked to the microphone and said what they wanted to be when they grew up. Maggie aspired to be a vet while Henry had decided on police officer. Annabelle's response that she wanted to be a mommy moved some to tears. It was such a fun and special time. We all held back tears as they sang "I am a Promise" to close the program.

Walt watching Maggie walk by

Maggie, Henry and their class

Ada and her class



In continuing with the theme of growing, changing and moving to bigger things, I got to work at the preschool after the graduation and found a huge surprise lunch and gift in my honor for graduation and ending my time at Trinity. Of course we had a ton of food...

Graduation hat cookies
Some of everything else

The biggest surprise was the wonderfully thoughtful gifts that everyone got together and got for me.
They put together this beautiful basket of more goodies than I could name here and a very generous gift card to the teacher supply store as well as a huge stack of carpet squares for my kids to sit on in my classroom. I was overwhelmed by their thoughtfulness. Tomorrow is my official last day and I'm sure it will be a bit emotional but I'll know that my friends will still be my friends, we'll just be working in different places. Thanks so much guys! I love you!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Redneck Yacht Club

The potential for poor weather didn't deter Doug, Amber, Lydia and I for heading out to the lake yesterday afternoon. It rained on and off the whole way out but it turned out to be a beautiful day.

My dad went to work for Doug's dad a few years ago and he's been a great friend ever since. Now sweet Amber is around too and we always have a good time.

I'm so excited for summer! Happy Memorial Day!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Nanny Diaries

I've started two posts in the past two days that I haven't finished. Oh well. Life has been a little crazy.

Us Trinity teachers and kids are on the count down to three more days of school.
We teachers pass each other around the building and there's always a "we're going to make it" or "3 more days!" After we're off on Monday, hopefully Tuesday and Wednesday will go fast.

I know most of you know that I babysit a lot and even though I've referred to myself as their "nanny" on occasion, these last two days I've really felt quite nanny-ish.

Last night Jackson had a double header so Caroline, Henry and I went to the country club to swim for a bit. Even though it was a little chilly we swam for an hour or so (I did a lot of lounging) and then started drying off to go inside the pro shop for some ice cream. As soon as I got Hen's towel out and started drying him off I looked up to see the pro shop guy locking the door. I could have gone into the bar side and gotten some ice cream but since it was Wednesday night dinner and my appearance was quite shabby, we opted to run through Sonic on the way home. I ordered each child a dollar menu candy sundae which to Henry's dismay came with whipped cream and cherry. His melt down resulted in a conversation about being thankful and an explanation about how I can easily remove that part when we get home. After I told him that I would gladly eat his sundae if it was so awful he decided he would let me fix it. We got home, I scraped whipped cream, kids showered, we read Dr. Seuss and they were in bed before Jacksons second game even started. Marcy, the queen of our domain here on Victory Drive, came home so I went to the nanny quarters, finished my book and fell asleep.

This afternoon resulted in some of the same, minus the swimming and ice cream of course. Henry stayed at the preschool with me until the rest of the kids had been picked up and then we walked over to the church where his mom and Jennifer, the queen of our Jefferson palace, were working. Cate, Caroline and Catherine were waiting for me to take them to gymnastics and Walt was playing in the nursery. We grabbed him, and all headed for Gym Fit. When the princess' class started I got Maggie, whose class had just ended, and headed off to Jefferson to drop her and Walt off to their dad. I was running right on time but Maggie was fussy and hungry so we had to go through McDonalds where of course I had to get something too. When we got to their house we ran in and I ate quickly and got back on the road. I boogied back to Marshall arriving at Gym Fit eight minutes late. I walked up to the doors and poor Caroline was sitting in the hall way waiting patiently for me. When I walked up and could see those little pink and white cheer shoes sticking out from around the corner, I knew I had the potential to be in trouble. I apologized in excess and after a few hugs she promised she wasn't mad at me. We came home and met Marcy with the boys before she headed out to the rest of her plans for the evening. We've all had a few cookies and are relaxing together here in the castle for a little while before bed time.

Marcy and Brendan are planning to get away over night this weekend. The kids all have reservations at friends houses so after they are all gone on Saturday morning, I'll be free for the weekend with the exception of little Fergie dog (that's a true royal name isn't it?) She's had a bacterial infection this week that has brought about some "funky poo poo" as Marcy would explain, so I don't know which I would prefer- three busy kids or a pooping chihuahua. Oh well. Such is life here at the kingdom.

Monday, May 18, 2009

5 Minute Post

I'm determined to make this quick because my class is playing in centers and I should be doing other things.

This weekend was fun and restful. I started Friday off running errands around town with Maggie. We made a few stops, including Bare Necessities, the consignment shop downtown. I found some darling sandals that are originally quite pricey that looked brand new for about half of the retail price. I was pretty pumped. I made an appearance at Field Day at Sam Houston and then headed to the country club. It was so nice to visit and swim and soak up the sun.

I kept our pastors kids over night Friday and stayed with them until late Saturday night. We swam a lot, watched a few movies and a lot of Gilmore Girls on DVD and napped quite a bit too. It was nice and relaxing.

My cousin graduated from LSU Shreveport yesterday so after church we were off to the graduation. The speaker was the developer who created The Board Walk and some other areas of Shreveport/Bossier. Of course he said the regular graduation stuff but more than once said that whatever you end up doing with your life, it will be meaningless without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It's so cool to see a business man with such success give God all the glory. To continue the graduation celebration we all met at Sho Guns for dinner. It was nice to spend time with family and you know I love love love Sho Guns.

Today I'm subbing at Trinity for the last day. Sweet Maggie broke her arm over the weekend so that has been the topic of conversation for the day and of course shes in need of a little extra Miss Lee Ann attention today. They think she will only have her cast for a few weeks which is great because we're going to Gulf Shores and a cast would definitely interfere. Speaking of beach, two weeks from today at this very time I'll be jetting off to Jamaica with Mom and Lydia. We're getting way excited and are still trying to decide what trips away from the hotel we want to take. Can't wait!

Oh and yeah I know it's Monday and sorry this isn't a Not Me! post. Maybe later if I come up with some confessions worth sharing. Have a great Monday!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Happy Monday! As Monday approaches, I begin thinking of all the silly things I did, didn't do this week.

One thing that comes to mind was definitely not becoming emotional in a somewhat upscale downtown store one afternoon this week when Ada told me that I could wait for her outside of the restroom. I am so proud that the baby girl I've helped rear for four of her five years is independent enough to not need me and would never come close to making a scene in public about that.

I also didn't go into Banana Republic on Friday evening, see the large SALE signs everywhere, take it upon myself to select and purchase many great pieces, only to return them this afternoon after I looked at my bank account. I never shop on impulse and regret the decision later on.

Lastly, I didn't sneak just a few bites of chicken and one shrimp out of my sisters leftover hibachi meal in the refrigerator thinking she would never notice. Since I didn't do this at all I also didn't realize that I had eaten a very noticeable amount and come up with a story about said leftovers falling out onto the floor and me having to throw some away. She paid for that expensive meal and I have much more self control.

Your turn! Spill your guts over at McMama's page!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Where I Live

Hopefully I can get this post up before midnight and it will still be Show Us Where You Live Friday at Kelly's Korner. Last week I loved sharing my tiny guest house kitchen and this week I can't wait to show you my tiny guest house living room. I never want it to sound like I'm complaining about my living situation. I totally love my little house and am blessed that my sweet friends would have me stay there.

Excuse the wall paper but this is my living area (I'm not going to call it a room) from the front door. To get a better idea, this is one corner of one large area of the bottom floor. My bed and dining table is also in this same room.

This is my coffee table and messy catch all baskets. You can't see very well in this picture but that is a little iron candle holder with some bead garland. Super cheap.

I had these pictures in my bedroom at my parents house years ago and came across them recently and put them here with these other pieces. I love animal print and really like how the zebra and leopard looking print looks together with the pink.

I also consider this part of the living area. To the right of the front door is my little wine rack shelf. This shelf is super heavy and ended up there because it was going to be a pain to move. I threw all of this stuff on there and this is how it turned out. You'll notice my little vase collection on top beside the picture frames. Those blue glasses came from Crate and Barrel for less than $10 including shipping.

There you have it! My living area corner. Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

M is for the Million Things

One of my favorite things about Mothers Day are the sweet things kids make at school. The 4 year olds at Trinity made a Mothers Day book. Inside, a page said, "If I had a million dollars I would buy my mom a..." Here are some of the responses.

A car
A million brownies
A cookie cake
A hedgehog
A purse
Some new grown up magazines
Henry said "stuff for her CASA office." His mama is the CASA (court appointed special advocates) director for Harrison County (as well as my great friend) and does an awesome job. She does deserve a million dollars worth of stuff for her office.

My mom always...

plays on the computer
stays in bed
picks me up from school
cooks me lots of food

This was my favorite! (EE is the optional afternoon program. If you don't stay you go to carpool.)
I like it when my mom...
Gets the pattern right. Carpool, EE, Carpool, EE, Carpool, EE and doesn't forget me up here.

When my own little sister was in elementary school she did a questionnaire similar to this. On the question about something our mom always says she responded "mell of a hess" (which my bank president, school board member, Sunday School teacher mom did say quite a bit)

Gotta love em! Happy Mothers Day!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's a glorious day! Not me! Monday is back! Time to air the dirty laundry for all to see.

Last week when the first grade class I did my student teaching in went on a field trip to the skating rink, I certainly did not leave the school ahead of the bus, stop of at Target and arrive at the field trip location nearly an hour late. I would have been more responsible than that and keep up with the school bus and actually been a part of the trip.

On Thursday when I was keeping Conner while Lynsey cleaned out the garage and we went to Wal Mart, I did not encourage him to say "I know I'm cute!" after several fellow shoppers commented on his absolute adorableness. Me teaching a toddler such a conceded response and defy all the manners he's been taught thus far would have been out of line and I wouldn't do it.

This weekend when I graduated from college I did not make the comment to the people sitting around me that I was totally ok with not graduating with honors because Dr. S looked completely seductive and got extremely too close as he was placing the medallion around your neck. Dr. S does a lot for the school and I would never accuse him of being a weird creeper.

In conjunction with this comment, I did not remind my friends of the philosophy I held during our early semesters in school that if I did have such a philosophy would go something like "It may pay to get A's but C's get degrees." Through college I did all of my homework, went to every class and most definitely did not stay out too late at night causing such a philosophy to be acceptable.

There you have it. My confessions. Your turn! Check out McMama's site to find out how!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Long Awaited Day

Yesterday was it. The long awaited graduation day. After four years of studying, writing, reading, practice teaching and more fun with friends than I could ever put into words here,

we took our seats,

listened to Dr. Riley make his last ever speech,

stood on stage with Dr. Lubcker,

smiled for the camera,

took a pic with the ever supportive family,

hugged best friends,

We were graduated! Time to PARTY!

Needless to say, falling asleep early last night and taking two naps today hasn't been difficult. Summer is in sight and in exactly one month I'll be laying out in Jamaica.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Where I Live

Today Kelly at Kelly's Korner is having Show Us Where You Live Friday- the kitchen edition. Although I haven't looked at any one elses posts, I think that if there was an award for the smallest kitchen I might possibly have a shot. Just saying it's a slight possibility.

For those of you not up to speed on my current living situation, I live in the guest house of a great friend. It's refered to as the guest house, the back house, the cottage, the smallest house ever, among other things. This is my kitchen.

This is the view from the hall way. That is my tiny sink and that is the hot plate that when I use when I do cook something that requires more than the microwave.

This is my very cute and practicle note and picture hanger from Southern Living. There is another piece just like this that typically would hang at the bottom of this one but for the sake of space that piece is on the opposite wall. I'm constantly changing out the pictures and putting notes and cards on there. I love it. You'll also notice my stack of papers and pen cup. The top of the microwave is central command for the cottage. All of my important papers end up there.

This is my little dry goods rack. In the past it has been more organized than it currently is but this is about being open and honest right? You'll notice I like pasta a lot. Lucky for me pasta is very easy to prepare with a hot plate. There's just other snacks up there, granola bars, wheat thins, water,Diet Coke, etc.

Now in true Cribs fashion I had to get a shot of inside of the fridge. You'll notice mostly breakfast foods. This is simply because that is the only meal that I regularly eat at home and do not go out for. Bacon and scrambeled eggs with cheese is my favorite breakfast but when I'm pressed for time I go with the standard sausage biscuit. There's also some fruit and juice in there and of course sauce for my pasta.

There you have it. The grand tour. Thanks for stopping by!

Guest Blogger

Good morning blogosphere! Today you have the rare treat of hearing from one of my favorite people. She's incredibily talented in many areas including world travel, cuisine, dance and Disney movies. She is none other than Miss Savannah Peteet. You'll notice an interview portion along with some original words from Savannah herself.


I want to tell everyone that I'm Violet. I'm Violet because I watch The Incredibles too much so I had to be Violet and then I got my super powers a few weeks later. I want to tell you about my super stuff. I use my super powers to fight the bad stuff.

What do you like to eat? "Pizza"

Who's your best friend? "Ester. She that house next door? That's Esters. She lives right by me."

What do you learn at school? "I always learn about fun things. One time I was learning all about seeds and it was a good thing."

Tell me about your dance recital? "I'm doing a Tiger and Hokey Pokey. Those are the ones. That's all"

That's all I want to tell the people. Can I type my stuff now?

ijhuhrtuohgruy785y7yt567cgxhf7c77507y6ddihduugsusigdgfysgaudgyfgioeindhi0i jhbughuhhhhjjjjkgkghkdla5555h887668787089378gjgkhgjghjhjkghkjghsuu9pqi897i98y97897888jiogh