Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Getting Well

Hey friends! I got a really random email today from a girl at some fashion message board site saying she had been to my blog and it was wonderful. I'm sure it was just a form email but I got to thinking that if she did actually read it that it's way behind and that I better get it caught up.

Some of you may have known that I've had a little surgery recently to remove an ovarian cyst and a fibroid from my uterus. It's really been a trying time for me because I was both anxious about having major surgery (they couldn't do it laproscopic) and really questioning God about why I was having these problems. I think God's answer might have been to a) remind me I'm not in charge of everything, even my body and b) to slow me down.

Earlier in the summer when it was determined that I did indeed need the operation it was scheduled for the very end of July, yesterday actually. I was a little anxious about it being so close to school starting but everyone told me that I should be fine so I was ok with that. Well in mid July on a Sunday evening I was at home watching tv and texting Mom and I told her that I was actually starting to look forward to the surgery because I was starting to have some pain from the cyst. I knew that was the cause of my pain because I have had cysts on and off since jr. high. I ended up calling the doctor on call that night because I was just nervous that if this cyst was so bad that it needed to be removed and was now causing me such pain like it never had before, I was worried what would happen if it were to be leaking or rupturing. I got the other doctor from my clinic that night (I love them both!) and treated it with pain meds and was to follow up with my doctor if I continued to have trouble. The pain did ease up and I was able to babysit Monday and Tuesday, even had my cousin and her boyfriend over for dinner Tuesday night. I was still uncomfortable some but assuming I just would be until the surgery and I was ok with that.

I settled in Tuesday evening watching Real Housewives and reading blogs like any normal night. I was getting pretty uncomfortable from some pain but was determined to watch my show. I called my mom when it was over and let her know that I was afraid something was up. It was much worse than the spell on Sunday. I ended up calling the doctor (bless his heart, it was late!) and he was much more concerned at this point and began to explain to me that the cyst could be turning in way that was restricting the blood flow to my ovary which would, without removal of the cyst, kill my ovary. Being a nearly 23 year old with no kids yet, this is not what you want to hear. He encouraged me to go to the er for an ultrasound to make sure this wasn't the case and to get some pain meds. Mom rushed over right away and we went. I was so uncomfortable that they gave me morphine and luckly the ultrasound showed normal blood flow. We were thankful but were also realizing we were not going to be able to stand me having random bouts with severe pain for two more weeks. I talked to my doctor the next morning and within the hour he had my surgery moved up to the next Monday.

We went in last Monday morning and got things under way. I went back quickly and woke up well enough to eat lunch and visit with a lot of sweet friends, while only having minimal pain thanks to my handy pain med pump. It's been funny to remember back on the visits I had during that time. They're a bit blurry in my memory! ha! Mom kept commenting on how I wasn't sleeping like she expected I would. I was very happy!

I went home to Mom and Dad's late Tuesday evening and they've taken great care of me. I can't thank them enough. It's been tough because I am independent and in charge and having to be cared for and not able to jump in the car and go to wherever I want isn't an easy pill to swollow. I reminded myself over and over how my sweet grandparents were both in this situation for much longer and in much worse pain. I was with them constantly during that time but having a little bit of a glimpse at what it was like for them gave me a much different perspective. Again, I'm very thankful for sweet friends who check on me and visit and my family who's taken care of me and put up with me being on their couch for all of this time asking for things.

I'm recovering really well. My mom has been back to work so I'm up and down during the day taking care of myself more and more. When I start huring and get frustrated I have to remind myself that I have a large incision and stitches on my ovary and uterus so there are three places trying to heal and it hasn't even been two weeks and overall I'm doing great. I've caught up on a lot of tv and have just relaxed.

Thank you so much those of you who kept up with what all was going on and visited, checked up on me, brought goodies, and prayed! It's been a great blessing to be loved on!

Next on my agenda- breaking out of this joint and getting to my classroom! I'm so excited for a fresh new year!!