Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Dream Away

So here I am again- close to 2 weeks without a blog post. I read blogs daily(like this one and this one) that get thousands of hits and these girls actually make money from blogging. What a life. I don't know how many hits I really get but it can't be very many considering I'm doing good to post twice a month. Everyday when I look at these sweet girl's posts I think of what I dream this blog might become someday. Maybe it will come. I've got to get motivated.

Speaking of being motivated, my two planned beach trips have motivated me to get in shape a bit. I'm watching what I eat and the pretty weather has really got me wanting to walk in the evenings. Chelsea and I walked from ETBU to the square and back last week. It was fun and I really want to make it a regular thing.

Mom and I went to Canton Saturday when was definitely my walking for the day. We got some good buys and it was of course a great time. One of my favorite new things is this. Check it out. So handy.