Monday, March 23, 2009

Get a Kit

This morning on my conference period when I was checking MckMama's page, the home of Not Me! Monday, I was shocked when in place of her usual Monday staple was an update that her sweet babe Stellan was in the hospital struggling with some unexpected heart problems. Several months ago when Stellan was in the womb he experienced these same issues and was not expected to survive. The Lord healed his little heart then and he was born perfectly healthy. A treatment for respiratory issues Stellan was experiencing over the weekend has caused his heart to return to a very fragile condition. Check out MckMama's site for more info and pray pray pray that the Lord would place his hand on tiny Stellan and heal his heart again. All that said, no Not Me! Monday today.

A few weeks ago I was talking with Mom about what to do for a very important gift I have to give soon. We discussed several options and I decided on a scrapbook. I've done small projects like this before but usually become bored quickly and get mad when mine doesn't look like the example on the package. Anyway, after school today I decided to go to Michaels and get some of the stuff and get started on this little project. I want to give myself plenty of time.

I walk in and get a cart. If you every shop with me, you know that I get a cart in any store that has them because I have to put my purse in it. The scrapbook stuff is right by the door so I started browsing around and was quickly overwhelmed. Do I do a 12x12 book, 8 1/2x11, what kind of cover should it have? I decided on an inexpensive 8 1/2x11 memory book and headed over to the paper. I got a few sheets that I liked but I knew it wasn't enough. I meandered up and down the aisles several times but could never make my ADD mind focus on the what seemed like thousands of embellishments, stickers and fonts. On my way around the far shelf one time I spotted some nifty little kits. Paper, stickers, everything for an 8x8 book all in this one package. It was just the style I liked and everything. Perfect. I was saved right before I had a craft store induced anxiety attack and called my aunt and offered to pay her to produce the whole thing. I quickly disposed of my previous selections on a vacant shelf, grabbed the design kit, an 8x8 book that was on clearance, and hit the checkout.

As I waited in line I glanced over and noticed a gal who looked a lot like I probably did just minutes before. From what I gathered she was attempting to create a beaded name tag holder on which to place her work ID. Two sales ladies, one with poor eye sight, were attempting to help her select the correct pair of pliers for the pieces she had picked out. Bless her sweet soul.