Saturday, March 28, 2009

More Fun than I can Handle

I love my community. I love the kids. I really love events that bring the kids together to do something fun and hear something about Jesus. It is for that reason that I was out at 10:00 this morning at the elementary school playground handing out candy and stickers to little ones ready to hunt easter eggs in the high 30 degree temps. It was encouraging to see so many families who aren't church members come out and enjoy the show by the balloon artist, hunt eggs, and enjoy the event set up just for them. Many asked about donations. It feels great to tell them everything is completely free. Makes the weather a little more bearable.

I came to Mom and Dad's after the hunt. Mom is at Women of Faith and Lydia is gone somewhere so it's just Dad and I. He asked if I wanted to go shopping at Academy. I said yes but he hasn't gotten out of his chair or said anything else about it. He does that a lot- brings up something and then you never hear anything else about it. It bugs me. He's on my sisters lap top that doesn't ever work right. He's complaining that it doesn't work. Will we ever make it to Academy? Probably not.

Even if we don't do any shopping I'm glad it's the weekend. My patience and enthusiasm dwindled greatly by the time 7th and 8th periods came along yesterday. Their tendency to continue to talk while I was and my frustration in talking over them was not a combination that was working out very well. I didn't feel good and was just wasn't in the mood. I thought I might be getting sick but as soon as I got home I was much better. Just sick of school for the week I guess. I ended up going to eat with Deanna, Ben and little Samantha. I felt so special that they would invite me to join them on their family night out. I ended the night watching TV on the couch with Chelsea and Matt.

Mom is headed home to take a nap. Dad still griping at computer. Lydia still MIA. Please don't be too upset that you're missing out on all of the fun around here.