Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Are you ready? Here goes the second installment of Not Me! Monday.

In the last week I surely did not take the whole morning off of student teaching to attend a job fair that I only stayed at for an hour. I would have never sat and watched The View and then meet friends for an hour and a half lunch all when I should have been at school. I always go to school for every minute that I should.

While traveling six hours across Texas this weekend I did not get a huge piece of toilet paper stuck to my shoe in the bathroom of a Loves travel stop and in an attempt to remove it using my other shoe tear it and end up with toilet paper on both shoes. I also did not stand on one foot at a time and scraping the bottom of my shoe against the corner of the sink to remove the toilet paper from not one but both of my shoes. Only goofy people do that kind of thing in a public bathroom and I am not one of them.

While in the shower recently I did not look up at my massaging shower head that I have never adjusted and wonder what it would be like to turn it to the high massage mode. As I turned the shower head I surely turned it the correct way and I absolutely did not pull the entire shower head off in my hand causing all of the little inside pieces to fly all over the shower and high pressure water to pelt me directly in the face. I take much better care of the cottage than that and am definitely smarter than to do such a thing.

Ok you're up. Honesty time. Go here to check out the fun.