Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Me Monday!

For a while I was stuck on the Daybook. Even if I didn't blog all week I would do my Simple Woman's Daybook without fail on Monday. Well since I haven't done a Daybook nearly all year I figured now would be a good time to move on to something a little different which leads me to Not Me! Monday- the post where I can be truly honest (which I always am :) anyway) about all of the goofy things I've been up to this past week.

For example...

I never ordered a huge portion of beef friend rice PLUS an egg roll for dinner the other night with the intention of saving half for lunch the next day and sat on my couch and ate the entire meal in one sitting. Nope. I would never do that.


My laundry that was washed isn't still in my closet not hanging and not put away and I didn't strategically close the closet doors this morning when I left so that the ac repair man and my friend/land lord wouldn't see.

I also didn't stand in the JalapeƱo Tree bathroom with Chelsea on Friday night and pull a large amount of toilet paper off the roll, fold it up and place it in my purse because I was out at home and Walgreens was out of my way.

Nor did I turn and laugh at school today when one of my students smarted off to one of his classmates who had been driving everyone crazy and totally deserved it. It would have been very unprofessional of me and inappropriate if I would have laughed at such a thing instead of correct it. I never think it's ok to pretend I didn't hear things in order for someone to get what was coming to them. I'm a much better teacher than that.

Ok wasn't that fun? I feel much better with those little tidbits off of my chest. Now it's your turn. Save the Not Me! Monday pic, put it in your post and spill it all. Afterwards, go here and put yours in the Mister Linky box and read all of the others. Enjoy!


Wayne said...

great not me monday I love beef fried rice but egg fried is my all time

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

I love it when my students stood up for themselves and others. Nothing wrong with logical consequences! :)
Great Not Me's!

Christina said...

I have a feeling Mondays will provide some good readin' from now on!

Very funny.