Saturday, March 7, 2009

Welcome Warm Weekend

Aren't you proud? Two posts in one week and a brand new look! I have a feeling I'm coming around.

Friday I had the pleasure of joining the 5th grade at Sam Houston to Caddo Lake for a very educational science field trip. Our little trip was so exciting it made the front page of The Marshall News Messenger this morning. We sampled water, learned a lot about erosion, saw a collection of animal skulls (it sounds gross but was really cool) and learned about migration among other things. The beautiful weather and well behaved children made for a wonderful day.

I was in the mood for a huge nap by the time school was over and after Oprah I was down for the count. I woke up right as it was getting dark and headed up to the soccer game to hang out with Chelsea and make our what has become weekly Friday night trip to JalapeƱo Tree. After we had vented our student teaching frustrations of the week I headed home and with my window cracked and the cool night breeze coming in I headed off to sleep.

I've spent today at my parents house. This afternoon everyone had something to do except me so I spent a big part of the day catching up on blogs and working on my own. When Mom got home we went walking and then came home and in joint effort made a very tasty Mexican dinner. Lydia is out with friends so Mom, Dad and I sat on the porch after we were sufficiently stuffed and are now settled in to watch TV for the night while the laundry that has been piling up on my bathroom floor for a good two weeks now is washing.

On another note, I've taken over the Summer Reading Program for the church kids for the summer. There aren't a lot of meetings and I have a pretty good budget so things should work out but now I'm presented with the reality of having to find some sort of theme and get this thing organized. Serving through 1st and 2nd grade Sunday School has been a huge blessing and I know that this will be too.

Speaking of Sunday School I have to share about these awesome kids and some of the funny things they say. We usually have about 10 kids a week but these are a few of my favorite.

M and J are brothers, one year apart. M will tell you that he doesn't play he just builds and works like a man while J doesn't take life quite as seriously. M claims to be building some kind of cat houses for the neighborhood cats. These things sound more posh than my own house. I was also informed last week that he is building a convince store that will have better prices than Wal-Mart. A few weeks ago M was talking began talking about some people named C and H. After I asked who C and H were he said, "That's my mom and dad." Surprised I said, "Your parents let you call them C and H?" M very nonchalantly said "Yeah. I'm 8 now. She had to know it was coming."

B is a very bright little girl who is homeschooled and takes every opportunity to share that with us. A couple of weeks ago during a lesson on Jesus taking the time to get to know people, we played a question/answer game in which we took the time to get to know each other. As B was having a hard time finding words (for the first time ever) to answer one of the questions, she said "I'm just a princess redneck country girl." Honey, aren't we all was my only reply.