Sunday, March 22, 2009

Slowin' Down

The whirlwind that was the last couple of days has encouraged me to slow it down some for today, this last day of Spring Break.

Friday morning I kept all 3 Roth kids and the Truelove girls. The kids played outside in search of a secret underground door and a mystery to solve. There wasn't a lot of selection for 5 kids and a hungry babysitter for lunch so we loaded up and got Whataburger and Sonic to go and finished the afternoon off with picking up little Truelove and going to the park. When I was finally kid free I packed up and headed out to my parent's to spend the weekend.

Yesterday we had planned to meet some of my dad's family that was in town for dinner but before that Mom wanted to go to Norton Art Gallery and take some spring pictures of Lydia and I. They turned out great and really were fun to take but being pretty, smiling a lot, and walking all over that huge garden is tiring. By the time we had dinner, ran through the mall, stopped by our aunts house and the drove back to Texas I was done for.

Needless to say after the dog woke me up this morning and Mom came in and said that they were going to go to Lowes and work around the house instead of going to church this morning I was thrilled. I ate pancakes and as soon as they took off to Lowes I got back in the bed. Diet Coke, spaghetti, my computer and Real Housewives of NYC with a little laundry mixed in is all thats on the agenda for the day. Speaking of which, I can not stand Ramona. I know everybody gives Alex and Simon a hard time, understandably so because they are ultra creepy, but Ramona's weird mannerisms are about all I can take. Overall I guess I'm just a bigger fan of the Orange County girls.

See you tomorrow with some Not Me! action. Here's a sneak peak from yesterday.


Christina said...

Ramona bugs me too. I don't think any of the NYC girls like each other except Jill and Bethany. They can't compare with the OC Ladies.